Online Marketing As A Game Of Patience

Online Marketing As A Game Of Patience
Many marketers try to rush the process of going online and making money and they get burned horribly. There are no shortcuts but the are ways to cut out processes that will waste time before getting caught up and being beaten by seasoned marketers.

Playing chess requires absolute patience and planning ahead. A chess master watches his opponents moves and intentions carefully and counters with moves of his own to win the game. Online marketing is not that different and unlike chess all parties can be winners.

The online marketer should play to benefit the person who asked them to market their product and the person they are marketing to. If a campaign is successful then everybody benefits and the online marketer feels very good bringing everybody together.

To win at marketing anything the marketer has to asses what services or product they wish to promote. After having a clear view of what they wish to promote they must work out who will benefit the most from the service or product. By first answering these two vital questions then the how to market will be infinitely easier and clear.

You cannot market Calcium supplements to the under 50 woman or the under 10 market. But how many emails do I get daily trying to sell me Viagra? Very many. What do I do? I delete them without reading them. You might argue that if you send 1000000 emails and have a 1% response is good. But if you were to go up against a true marketer they will outsell you and not be banned by the ISP providers.

The trick is patience and planning. With proper planning you must also be flexible enough to adopt your approach to how your testing is going. Many online marketers rush in with the buckshot mentality and cry foul when they are outsold and outlasted by the online marketing Gurus.

We can all become an online successful marketers at the same time because we are not all interested in the same products. You have seen that "Gurus" also buy other "Gurus" products and services they trust. I would trust somebody who comes highly recommended to advise me about dogs and I would also advise them about selling their products.

Do not go at it alone, plan ahead, be frugal with your marketing budget, be patient and you will see results. Re-invest those results carefully until it starts to snowball and you will be a rich and successful marketer.