How To Make Your First 100 Dollars Online

How To Make Your First 100 Dollars Online
I'm going to give you a simple foolproof plan on how to generate your very first $100 online. There are a couple of ways you can go about this, but I'm only going to cover one in this article.

I'm going to give you a simple foolproof plan on how to generate your very first $100 online. There are a couple of ways you can go about this, but I'm only going to cover one in this article.

You are going to need to become an affiliate marketer. You might know what this is or not. If not, an affiliate marketer is someone who signs up at a merchant's website and then you promote their product by using a special "invite" link they provide you with.

If you have no idea what an affiliate marketer is, then make sure you check my resource box at the bottom.

Now on to the $100.

How on earth can you make $100 from thin air by using the internet combined with referral marketing (being an affiliate)?

Well before I can answer that we need to look at the tools you'll need to get people to buy a product through your affiliate link.

-you'll need a website

- you'll need traffic to your website (visitors)

-you'll need to convert that traffic into money (getting people to buy)

Most affiliates will take AGES to get their first commission, simply because they just don't keep it simple. It's all so simple, yet people make things horribly difficult.

I'll break it down step-by-step for you.

You'll go to Google and type in a word or phrase relating to a PROBLEM that people might have in their life. I know for a fact that there are millions of teenagers as well as adults that are struggling from ACNE. So what you need to do is go do 1 hour's worth of research online on the topic ACNE. Go to acne related forums and find out what people are struggling with the most. Make a note of EVERYTHING. I mean really...write it down.

Now you need to go sign up for an affiliate program or within an affiliate network. You can find them everywhere and they are free. Try to find a product that SOLVES the problems which were discussed in the forums.

In this case I'll sign up at Joebucks and choose the product Acnezine which pays out like $120.

Now it's time to set up a small website where you can "pre-sell" traffic. I'll get to obtaining traffic in just a second. You obviously don't have the cash to go and buy a website builder, hosting and a domain name so you'll need to use a free resource.

I'm going to use Squidoo

Squidoo is a social site where you can create your own "lens" filled with content (much like a single page website) and it's free.

I'll fill my Squidoo page up with text modules and for the first 3 text modules I'll blatantly PAIN the visitor with the problems they have in their life. The 4th text module will then talk about 4 products (ranking them from first to last), with my Acnezine product having the #1 ranking. The Acnezine product will obviously be linked with my affiliate link.

Now there are several dynamics to affiliate marketing which will take me AGES to teach you, but I just went through some it roughly

The last thing you will need is traffic and you'll need quite a bit.

If you set up your lens correctly and you have accomplished your pre-sell to such a degree that it truly plays with the visitors mind, you could can obtain 1 Affiliate sale for every 20 people that click through your link. To get 20 clickthroughs you'll need about 150 visitors to your site.

To get that traffic you will need to submit 4 articles a day like the one you are reading.

You will need to submit those articles to sites like this one ( as well as, etc. Just sit and write. For a newcomer it will take about 2 hours to write 4 articles. Submit articles that provide tips (but never enough) and point them to your squidoo lens by including a link in your resource box. You can see an example of it done in my resource box.

How do you add a link in your resource box?

Just copy and paste the code below, but make sure to replace with your own url.

Here is the code you need to add into the resource box:

<a rel='nofollow' href="">CLICK HERE</a>

Now you can also change the call the action in the code to be anything you like.

Your articles don't have to be as lengthy as this one. As a matter of fact keep it just above the minimum word length. Once your articles get accepted you'll start to see traffic coming in. 4 Articles will easily bring you those 150 visits. NEVER stop writing those articles. Write them each day.

Obviously you have LOADS more to learn for instance how to get the Squidoo lens ranked #1 in Google etc. There are loads more to learn. But I just provided you with what is necessary to get your first $100 commission or more.